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    Editor- SKINT

    As Editor I lead the re-design, re-naming and management of SKINT, the online magazine for 18-24 year olds (www.skint.loot.io). I was tasked with hiring and managing a team of freelance writers and also creating content about lifestyle, finance, opinion, wellbeing, travel and culture. I was required to create content calendars and devise a content strategy to help develop the company brand and tone of voice. Through analysing daily recorded data and metrics from the site, I was able to increase engagement and retention. I also managed the company’s social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) where articles from SKINT where used as both push content and paid ads.

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    UX Writing: B2C and B2B Landing Page Project

    During my time as Editor at Loot, I was tasked with mapping out and creating the copy for three different landing pages. The first was B2B; a landing page for potential partners. The second was B2C; a landing page for potential users aged 18-24. The third was a landing page for potential employees to show our company culture and any current job vacancies. Each required me to work closely with the Marketing Designer and Project Manager. It was a great project to work on because they each required a different tone of voice and so it was a challenge to keep them all consistent with the brand whilst still targeting the…

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    An Idiot’s Guide to Festival Finance: 9 Top Tips

    I read an article the other day that suggested that the best and cheapest way to experience a festival was to watch it at home. Erm. Not sure who wrote this but… seriously? Over a million Brits will be going to a UK festival this year and as one of the most anticipated summer experiences, it’s important you don’t basically rip yourself off and lose a lot of money in ways that are preventable. So here are our 9 tips to having a financially successful festival and hopefully being able to come home with some spare cash. Imagine… Go For Free Clearly the easiest way of saving money at a…

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    Red Carpet Interview: Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg

    Whilst freelancing for The Upcoming, I interviewed Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg on the red carpet in Leicester Square for the premier of Daddy’s Home. Two of the biggest names in comedy took to the red carpet tonight to promote what’s been hailed as one of the funniest family films of the year. Daddy’s Home is the newest venture from director Sean Anders whose cinematic repertoire includes We’re the Millers and Horrible Bosses 2. Featuring two of Hollywood’s most famous comedy veterans, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, Paramount’s most recent release has been one of the most awaited films this Christmas. The story goes that a radio executive (Ferrell) must compete for the affection of his…

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    Are We The Anxious Generation? Your Top 5 Worries Revealed

    There is one thing that millennials are really good at: talking. I could literally talk shit for hours. And hours. The generation before us (the baby boomers) were typically British- emotionally reserved, stiff upper lip. A hairdresser would give them an awful haircut and they’d still smile, say they loved it and pay. But millennials aren’t really like that. We want to shout about things, make noise, be heard. We want to have our thoughts and feelings recognised, validated. So why, when it comes to our mental health, do we still stay silent? Granted, more of us than ever are talking about it these days. But it’s still a problem,…

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    Universal Basic Income; Is This The Answer To All Of Our Problems?

    Mo’ money, mo’ problems?   With society’s gap between rich and poor widening and the pinch on our own wallets tightening, everyone is desperately seeking the ultimate solution to the current financial climate which, to be quite honest, has always been shit.  The strain on welfare in Britain has meant that many in desperate need of help remain on the periphery of society and the crisis regarding homelessness and food shortages seems unsolvable. Even for our generation, the money debate has sat at the centre of everything from rising taxes and student fees to the disproportionate relationship between housing prices and wages. I’m personally getting a bit bored of the…

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    In Defence Of Moving Back Home: Should You Do It Too?

    When my landlord increased my rent by £17 a month this year, I completely understood why many young adults are choosing to move back home and live with their parents. I mean, that’s three pints less a month for me. It’s not as if, with that extra £17, my landlord has replaced the rusty kettle, unblocked the drains or fixed our broken front door. This is the reality for a lot of 20-somethings who took the plunge to fly the nest and are now unable to afford the rising rental prices and are often stuck living with a group of strangers in awful accommodation. We are forced to accept our poor…

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    How the people of Brixton fought to rebuild after the 1981 riots

    The Brixton renaissance Margaret Thatcher’s reign as British Prime Minister was not kind to Brixton. Unemployment rates had soared, the housing crisis was worsening and much of South London had been left in a state of deprivation and disrepair. Racism towards the area’s large Caribbean community was rife – especially in the police. In 1981, the people of Brixton took to the streets so their voices could finally be heard. It turned violent – a quiet protest escalated into riots, injuring hundreds and sending a strong message to the rest of the city. Photographer Honey Salvadori’s Pull it: Pull it, documents not the riots themselves, but how the community came together…

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    Skating through Rome’s iconic Cinecitta Film Studios

    Shredding the Factory of Dreams The street lights flicker off as day breaks over the relics of an ancient city; the image of the skyline blurring into focus in the haze of the watery sun; the grandeur of the Coliseum illuminated; the first shadows being cast on the cobbled roads. Is it any wonder why skateboarders are curious about the architectural brilliance of Italy’s capital? Rome’s attention to detail and inspiring sense of design can also be seen 30 minutes away from its bustling streets in a magical location. Murder Skateboarding have teamed with Inti Carboni, an award winning local film director and producer, to create a short film that…