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Skating through Rome’s iconic Cinecitta Film Studios- Huck Magazine

Shredding the Factory of Dreams

The street lights flicker off as day breaks over the relics of an ancient city; the image of the skyline blurring into focus in the haze of the watery sun; the grandeur of the Coliseum illuminated; the first shadows being cast on the cobbled roads. Is it any wonder why skateboarders are curious about the architectural brilliance of Italy’s capital?

Rome’s attention to detail and inspiring sense of design can also be seen 30 minutes away from its bustling streets in a magical location. Murder Skateboarding have teamed with Inti Carboni, an award winning local film director and producer, to create a short film that explores the movie sets at the Eternal City’s famous Cinecitta Film Studios.


Founded in 1937, the Italian studios have been hailed for their contribution to cinematic classics The Life Aquatic, Gangs of New York and Quo Vadis, to name a few. Italian master Federico Fellini referred to Cinecitta as the Factory of Dreams.

As the skateboarders perform tricks, curving around the cityscapes they pull the history of Cinecitta into the modern day as they discover the life size replica of Ancient Rome, the streets of 1930s New York and the medieval city of Assisi.

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Cinecitta On Wheels is an exploration of space, surface and terrain, set amidst a fictional backdrop that merges with reality. The six minute production, which won Best Digital Film at San Francisco Frozen Film Festival 2016, is a journey through the iconic world of film, capturing a side to Rome that, although seen by millions on the big screen, still remains a mysterious place.

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