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Portraits that reveal the changing face of Britain- Huck Magazine

The British Journal of Photography’s Portrait of Britain project celebrates the enormous mix of people and cultures that make up modern Britain.

Defining the idea of ‘Home’ in post-Brexit Britain is no easy feat. Immigration and its angry counter-reaction have shifted how many people see where they call home. The myriad of cultures and identities that make up Britain often go unnoticed and undervalued by many, even as they continue to shape the country’s evolution.

The British Journal of Photography (BJP)’s Portrait of Britain project was motivated by a desire to remain inclusive and open-minded to Britain’s multicultural heritage. Established back in 1854, the longest running photography magazine has curated an exhibition that aims to celebrate the diversity of today.

Sunday Football © Chris Baker

Nadiya Hussein © Mark Harrison

Over 4000 entries were received, and the BJP selected 100 portraits that represent the people of Britain both old and young – with each photograph reflecting the abundance of styles and approaches used in contemporary portraiture.

“These are pictures that we all take in everyday life,” says Simon Bainbridge, the BJP’s Editorial Director, “but raised to a higher level by selecting, editing and presenting them in such a wide-ranging public exhibition.”

Frank, South London, 2011  © Shara Henderson

Beth Costerton photographed for 'This Is Me' an exhibition of 50 portraits of children who have down syndrome © Andrew Shaylor

BJP has teamed up with outdoor advertising company JCDecaux to exhibit the portraits across the country throughout September.

The subjects of the photographs are an eclectic mix between normal people and famous personalities. Grime artist Stormzy, photographed by Dan Wilton, and Great British Bake-Off winner Nadiya Hussein, photographed by Mark Harrison, are among the big names.

This blend of images of people from all walks of life will give an intimate insight into the many faces who call Britain home.

Tina, Paul & baby Harleigh © Chris Donovan

Ronnie © William Arkle Marsden

Dave Okumo © Phil Sharp

Vanessa and Vivian © Bill Knight

Emily © Christoph Soeder

Ryan Town © Jamie McGregor Smith

Mr Bloomfield © Emanuele Giovagnoli

Stormzy © Dan Wilton

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