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Dror for Montreal’s Expo 67
26 April

Fifty years since the unveiling of R Buckminster Fuller’s Biosphere – a spherical tribute to the historic World Fair Expo 67 – Studio Dror is proposing a contemporary space to haul the island of Île Sainte-Hélèneinto the 21st century.

Concieved to coincide with the 375th anniversary of the city’s founding (which takes place next year), the new landscape would see the architectural vision of Dror Benshetrit sit adjacent to Fuller’s now iconic structure. The dynamic framework of a 150m-wide aluminium dome will be draped with vegetation, creating a visually stunning accompaniment. It’s set to house an array of public events, from fairs and concerts to food markets.

The vast space beneath the planted canopy affirms the dome’s ability to fuse the city’s wealth of rich natural resources with progressive technology. More significantly, the new proposed structure is an opportunity to celebrate the past and nurture the future. 

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