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Simple Minds at O2 Arena- The Upcoming

Last night, thousands of middle-aged rock lovers gathered to reclaim their youth at the O2 Arena. Forming back in the late 70s, Glaswegian new-wave, post-punk band Simple Minds continued their revival at the famous space in Greenwich.

Old Reeboks, butter leather jackets and vintage band t-shirts were donned with pride by the crowd, who itched to let loose as The Stranglers opened the evening. With beer flowing and everyone in high spirits, this was set to be a great night.

The arena went dark, leaving those famous 80s synth chords to ring through the crowd and whisking everyone back nostalgically into their youth. Then out came the band with lead singer Jim Kerr greeting the audience with his stark regional accent. The riff for Waterfront brought the crowd to their feet.

In the band’s rendition of The American, the crowd softly sung the chorus, creating a lovely melodic sound, unifying the loyal fans who, for many, have supported Simple Minds since their earliest days as an alternative rock band in Scotland. But for those younger members of the audience, dragged along by their parents, the hit from The Breakfast Club soundtrack, Don’t You (Forget About Me) was the highlight of the night. The crowd fist punched and screamed the lyrics, laying claim to the moment.

Credit must be paid to the accompanying power vocals of Catherine AD, whose sultry voice and slinky strut around the stage added a sexy feminine touch to the all-male band.

Simple Minds’ set was one of immense energy, enrapturing the audience with the hypnotic vocals of Jim Kerr and the impressively high-quality live performance of the band. It was one of those evenings in which everyone came to dance, and dance they certainly did.

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