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Interview: Subculture Sage

It wasn’t too long ago that Hypeman Sage and producer Subculture Sounds teamed up to create the hip-hop duo that are creeping their way into everyone’s soundcloud favourite lists today. As their appearance at Baltic Block Party is just around the corner, Ashley Manning caught up with Subculture Sage to see what’s been going on.

The pair from North London are receiving more and more radio play as the days go on and so I asked them a quick couple of questions to see where they’re up to ahead of the highly anticipated Liverpool show

You’ve been described in the past as being ‘The Streets with better rhyming skills.’  Do you think this is a fair description of your music?
We’re a big fan of The Streets and flattered for the comparison but no, we don’t.

You seem very excited about your new video for your up-and-coming EP.  Do you think music videos still have a place in the industry?
Yes more than ever before, it’s interesting these days how visuals can have more impact than the actual track and how there are no rules for the relation between video and the music.

As we await the new video release from the pair (whose progress in the production is updated frequently on their facebook) take a look at one of their previous videos;

What sort of year do you have lined up? Festivals? More EP releases?
Very exciting year with the EP coming out, new releases from the EP will be starting from July, loads of shows over summer all over the UK and we’ll be at Boomtown and Bestival

Finally, ahead of Baltic Block Party, what can we expect from your set?
Our debut live PA show! Raw hip-hop, percussion and mic

So there we have it, and  here are a couple of tracks to have a listen to before you see these guys on the 30th May.

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