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Interview: Geode- Liverpool Live

The London based producer, George Harris a.k.a Geode took a couple of minutes to answer a few questions in light of his set at the Baltic Block Party on 30th May. It’s been a busy year and here he tells our reporter Ashley Manning why.

Most recently, you were a part of the first volume of the Deep Heads Dubstep collective- what was it like to be involved in this, especially since you did the album mix?

In a word, bizarre. For someone who usually plays niche dubstep in 200 capacity venues, to have a compilation stocked in HMV was quite strange, in a good way. Working on the mix itself was also fairly strange. Barring a few of my own tracks, most of the music had been pre-curated by the label manager at Deep Heads, who then asked me to find the best possible blends by any means necessary. This meant that a few of the mixes are a little cheeky – but I’m happy with it overall and having it tipped as MixMag’s compilation of the month was a nice surprise.

In the past, your music has been described as being an eclectic mix of jazz riffs, samba, house and dubstep- what direction would you like to take your work in next?

More dance-floor stuff and basslines I reckon, but with the same signature sounds, weirdness and broad references you mention. I’d just like to have more material that is suitable to play out really. I think my core sound won’t stray too much from the dubstep / garage nexus but, having said that, I really like to dabble with house and drum and bass from time to time, more as a musical exercise than anything else. I’m also doing a lot more collaborative work – I’ve just finished a track with Phaeleh and I’m also working on some bits with Tom Misch, Jafu, Gerra & Stone and Gerwin. Other than that, I’d like to expand my sample library and become more disciplined with the science.

So you’ll be heading over to Liverpool in the next couple of weeks, but where is your favourite place to DJ?

Probably Subdub or Leeds. Subdub because a lot of the crowd respect the history and renaissance of 140, and are alert to the dubplates – and Leeds because of it’s vitality and lack of self-consciousness. Playing in Europe has also been a great experience.

Will you be appearing at any festivals this year? 

Yes. I played at Horizon and For Flavor festival earlier this year and I will be spinning a few at Outlook Festival as well. There’s potentially a couple of others still to confirm.

Here are a couple of track off the Deep Heads Dubstep collective:


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