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How to Create Great Content Part 3: Analytics

There are always two sides to the content coin: the creative and the analytical. Good content has to address both and when it does, it’s a recipe for success. Analysing the performance of your content helps you to understand what your demographic likes and wants, helping you to paint a picture of who they are; which can be invaluable information for your company as a whole.

Looking for patterns in engagement is also great for working out current market trends in your own niche so that the content you’re producing, and indeed, the services you are offering, are in line with what your current market is looking for.

With this, good content is…

Always tested

Each piece of content needs to be analysed from how long people stayed on the page to how many social shares it received. Recording results from a sustained period of time can show you seasonal patterns, daily patterns and even hourly patterns. There are lots of tools out there can help you do this:

Google Analytics

This is, quite literally, the God of analytics- no content strategy is complete without it. It collects so much data for you from the percentage of people who exit your page to what a readers general interests are when browsing the internet.

Heat Maps

Too few people use heat maps but they are a great way to show you how interesting a piece of content is. You can deduce how long an article should be, when your reader loses interest and where about on the screen they have been clicking- which is helpful when designing landing page layouts or considering where to place any CTAs.

Social Schedulers

Each social media platform has countless programmes that can help you to schedule your posts. Granted, some of them cost money, but it can be worth it for the results produced. It saves so much time, can give you a much better view of how your brand is looking overall on social media and they usually offer loads of interesting insights into the behaviour of your niche.

Email Campaigns

Despite worries that GDPR was going to kill email, allowing people to opt-in to your content has began creating small communities of brand fans that are really engaged with your brand. With A/B testing you can see which pieces of content people really want to read and it’s a great opportunity to showcase your brand personality too.

Always refreshed

Having garnered all of this great data, you need to use it to continually refresh your content. Sometimes this can mean updating old posts so they are more on trend and other times, it’s simply tweaking the direction of your content calendar. Ensure you have weekly or monthly check-ins with your content team so everybody is aligned with any new ideas and any interesting findings can be addressed.


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