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    Copywriter and Accessibility Specialist

    I was the sole Copywriter and Accessibility Specialist for the McDonald’s Monopoly 2019 campaign. I strived to ensure that all content met the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards. I was tasked with creating and editing copy for the new website and emails including error messaging. I working with stakeholders including the Client and Account Managers to produce and revise work and also with the senior digital, design and engineering teams.

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    An Ode to Your Late Twenties: By a Survivor

    Periodically, when my father calls, he kindly reminds me of a time he first visited me after I’d fled the nest. I was short on money (and self-respect) and so, for dinner, served him a pot noodle made using hot shower water. Usually, I choke beneath my own embarrassment, yet when he recalled it most recently, I felt different; I was unable to relate to my former feckless self. And the reason for this disparity, I concluded, was all down to the moment I turned 27. But why? We enter our twenties with as much nervous anticipation as one would feel the first time you board a flight sans your…

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    Is Your Relationship Status the Reason You’re Skint?

    There is no doubt that the dating landscape has dramatically evolved since the the turn of the millennium from the introduction of several new words into the English language (ghosting, dick-pic) to the blurring of traditional dating parameters (polyamory, casual hook-ups). Each new interation on how we define relationships adds a new layer of difficulty when navigating the minefield of dating, leaving many young people unable to explicitly say what their status actually is. Aside from the emotional and psychological strains of dating (because let’s be honest, some dates a fucking taxing), the one thing that people often neglect to talk about, is the cost. Last year alone, statistics suggested…

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    The Cost of Convenience: The Curse of the Flat White Generation

    It had been a long night of drinking. We’d been inundated with free drinks from the host who’d generously supplied beer and spirits and a slightly below average spread of food that included an unsliced quiche and a bowl of crisps (the flavour remained undetermined). As the night went on, the guest list dwindled, as was expected once the playlist was hi-jacked by random people. The house party came to a close and we decided to get an Uber home. It cost £40. Forty. Fucking. British Pounds. “Let’s just get the tube…” I tried to persuade. “Nah fuck that, it’ll take an hour” said my mate, who incidentally, paid for…

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    Can Turning Vegan Save You Money?

    In the past couple of years veganism has become one of the most popular nutrition and lifestyle trends amongst everyone from celebs to athletes pioneering a new outlook on the food industry and our environmental footprint. There is a clear divide between the stereotypical vegan who asks you how you think Flora, the young cow you’re probably eating would have felt knowing her life purpose was to sit between two slices of bread, and the die-hard carnivores who feel faint at the idea of a meatless existence. And then there are the fegans (fake vegans, obviously) who like to dip in and out of the diet depending on the company…

  • Editorial,  Women

    Women for Women: How Do We Break the Inequality Barriers in the Workplace?

    I hold my hands up. I’m one of those people who, after a drink, can be found ranting and raving about the tampon tax and #MeToo in the corner of the room to any (un)willing ear. Sometimes, I get a positive reception, and other times the debate goes down like a ton of bricks. For example, at one house party a guy said to me, “Why are you even campaigning for women’s rights? You’ve got the vote now, what more do you need?’ Well… The gender pay gap: it’s wide and it’s persistent On around the 16th of October 2018, if you are a woman, due to the gender pay…

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    Why Aren’t Young Women Negotiating Their Salaries?

    Defining why women don’t negotiate their salaries is a complex job not in the least because no one knows where the problem truly lies. Is the under confident internal voice of a woman the barrier or is it the intimidating working environment that neglects to encourage her to discuss her wage? In a study byGlassdoor, 68% of women surveyed had not negotiated their salary compared to 52% of men proving that women are, essentially, settling for less than they might be worth. And that’s why it’s important, right? We should be paid for what our expertise and hard work is worth in the workplace to compensate for the effort we put…

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    What’s the Real Reason Why Students Can’t Pay Their Rent?

    When Theresa May announced plans to conduct a year long review into university tuition fees this week, most of us had the same response: ‘Oh for fuck’s sake Theresa.’ The proposal suggested that studying certain subjects at uni (mainly humanities) should be charged at a lower fee. It was yet another attempt by the government to help students financially, but instead, it raised more concerns about further limiting the educational opportunities of low income households and deterring people from pursuing careers where there is currently a skills shortage. The bottom line, though, is that the government don’t seem to quite understand what is forcing UK students to become financially crippled. Is it the price…

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    The 5 Things Dry January Taught Me

    I will openly admit that 80% of all the mistakes I’ve made in life were probably, in someway, fuelled by alcohol. Ranging from small errors like losing £20 or eating fried chicken when I’m supposed to be veggie to the bigger regrets like nearly missing my flight home from Barcelona or telling my ex-boyfriend I actually fancied his mate… when we were together. Being from the north of England, heavy drinking comes hand in hand with coming of age. The first time you’re slumped over the toilet throwing up is a right of passage and going for a ‘quiet one’ is anything but civil. But over Christmas, I had a…