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    In Conversation: Daniel Avery- Line of Best Fit

    “It’s almost like everything on this list put into a blender might make the kind of techno record that would make you question every aspect of your life. In a good way.” Daniel Avery sticks out in the mind as an accomplished electronic DJ and producer, with tracks that gradually layer hazy textures and vibrations to create full-bodied sounds that audiences around the world have excitedly absorbed. But as Avery points out, when he looks back at the music that impacted him most, it’s telling that he didn’t discover techno first. Growing up in the seaside town of Bournemouth, the music scene felt very insular. What he saw in his…

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    Is Coronavirus the New Excuse for Ghosting on Dating Apps?- Stylist

    The coronavirus outbreak has been declared a pandemic, and as confirmed cases in the UK continue to rise, there has been a knock-on effect in dating. But is using coronavirus as an excuse for ghosting one step too far?   We’d been speaking on Hinge for around two weeks, which in dating years is the equivalent of about three months. We’d hit it off from the start. He loved well-designed Swiss watches; I like to be on time. I’m an avid runner; he once ran a relay in school.  We had enough superficial things in common to facilitate a fortnight of easy small talk, so when he finally asked me…

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    In conversation: Lucy Rose- Line of Best Fit

    The singer/songwriter talks Ashley Manning through the songs that inspire her. “I realised that this was me and this was what I wanted to do, but all of the shiny parts had gone and left me with the gritty side of it all.” When Lucy Rose first began making music, everything seemed so overly simplified; it was just herself and her guitar. But during the past few years, as Rose has experienced what she describes as a “musical education”, her connection with music has surpassed the superficial and developed into something much deeper. As with most of the artists she’s selected in her song choices, Rose’s most successful work to date was…

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    In Conversation: Penelope Isles- Line of Best Fit

    “This is my first one, which I think is dreadful,” cringes Lily Wolter as she points to a tattoo of a smiling starfish on her ankle. Her adolescence had been a journey of self-expression and exploration from begging her mum to allow her to get Bob Marley tattooed on her at the age of 13 (luckily, she didn’t), to learning to play bass from her older brother and now fellow bandmate, Jack. The pair make up one half of Penelope Isles hailing from the rugged, rural landscape of the Isle of Man, and settling in the seaside city of Brighton, where they met Becky Redford and Jack Sowton. The group had travelled…

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    I Have Depression, My Identical Twin Doesn’t- Refinery29

    When the letter came through the post, its content was of no surprise to me. I’d experienced depression and anxiety several times at various points throughout my life, so when a psychotherapist wrote to me to discuss the next steps in treatment, it no longer felt as if I were being labelled ‘crazy’. I’m not a modern day Sylvia Plath; I’d just go about my usual life, only now, when I cried spontaneously, I had a clearer reason why.

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    7 Things No One Told Me about My First Month as a Freelancer- Medium

    When I decided to quit my job as an Editor to be a freelancer, I was shocked by the positive response it had garnered- people believed in me more than I did. My decision to leave may have seemed spontaneous to outsiders, but after months of feeling under-challenged, overworked and uninspired, taking the plunge to freelance life felt inevitable. Like many, the desire to make it on my own had become an itch I just couldn’t scratch and there seemed no better time to take the chance than at that moment, when I was harbouring the courage. See, quitting your job and embarking on a life of instability is exactly that: courageous.…

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    An Ode to Your Late Twenties: By a Survivor- Medium

    Periodically, when my father calls, he kindly reminds me of a time he first visited me after I’d fled the nest. I was short on money (and self-respect) and so, for dinner, served him a pot noodle made using hot shower water. Usually, I choke beneath my own embarrassment, yet when he recalled it most recently, I felt different; I was unable to relate to my former feckless self. And the reason for this disparity, I concluded, was all down to the moment I turned 27. But why? We enter our twenties with as much nervous anticipation as one would feel the first time you board a flight sans your…

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    Red Carpet Interview: Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg

    Whilst freelancing for The Upcoming, I interviewed Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg on the red carpet in Leicester Square for the premier of Daddy’s Home. Two of the biggest names in comedy took to the red carpet tonight to promote what’s been hailed as one of the funniest family films of the year. Daddy’s Home is the newest venture from director Sean Anders whose cinematic repertoire includes We’re the Millers and Horrible Bosses 2. Featuring two of Hollywood’s most famous comedy veterans, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, Paramount’s most recent release has been one of the most awaited films this Christmas. The story goes that a radio executive (Ferrell) must compete for the affection of his…

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    How the people of Brixton fought to rebuild after the 1981 riots- Huck Magazine

    The Brixton renaissance Margaret Thatcher’s reign as British Prime Minister was not kind to Brixton. Unemployment rates had soared, the housing crisis was worsening and much of South London had been left in a state of deprivation and disrepair. Racism towards the area’s large Caribbean community was rife – especially in the police. In 1981, the people of Brixton took to the streets so their voices could finally be heard. It turned violent – a quiet protest escalated into riots, injuring hundreds and sending a strong message to the rest of the city. Photographer Honey Salvadori’s Pull it: Pull it, documents not the riots themselves, but how the community came together…